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How to control your emotions
 Meditate. This is one of the better tools to become emotionless. There are several different types of meditation, including Vipassana and Huna, that you can investigate to see which one is right for you. Even the most basic form: closing your eyes and breathing deep, is sometimes enough to lose your emotions.
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The essence of all practice is to be cool.
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Distance yourself from the situation. You can do this by seeing yourself as an observer of the situation and not an active participant. Focus on the visual details of the environment and disengage from the situational reality.
 3
Think logically, not emotionally. If you can't dissociate yourself from the situation, then take a more logical approach (i.e. facts/figures) rather than an approach of anger, hatred, fear, etc. Think of the reasons behind the actions and look at things from all sides before making any sort of judgment.
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Think of something else. When dealing with a situation that requires the lack of emotion, think of something rudimentary that occupies your mind. A few examples of things to try are: Long division, listing the full names of your entire family, listing all 50 states, naming as many mammals as you can, etc. The key to doing this correctly is to occupy your mind with peaceful and quiet thoughts, while remaining aware of the situation and taking it all in.
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Realize that you may be wrong. Emotions can cloud our judgment, and there’s always a possibility that you are simply wrong. If you realize this, let it go. Pride will only muck up the situation.
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Isolate. This can take a varying amount of time - what matters is that one must be away from society until they no longer feel a longing for a social life.
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Deliberate. Think about your past life and what you have done. Reflect…...

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