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Decision Making Analysis
Alyssa Clatterbuck, Allisen Evans, Sharon Green & Alicia Pneuman
MGT 230
September 29, 2014
Paul Moore

Decision Making Analysis “Management is the process of working with people and resources to accomplish organizational goals.” (Bateman & Snell) There are many levels of management and with that comes many different forms of responsibility. One of the most important roles of management is planning. Planning is done in order for organizations to meet their goals and is necessary to keep a business thriving. There are six steps involved in the planning process and four different types of planning. The Planning Process There are six steps to the planning process as described in Management Leading & Collaborating in a Competitive World. Step 1.) Identify & diagnose the problem. A manager can come to the conclusion that a problem exists by looking at what is happening now and comparing it to several different things. They may compare it to a competitor, past performances or to the way they wish performance to be in the future. Once the problem has been identified step 2 begins: to generate alternative solutions. In this step, ideas are thought of on how to resolve the problem. Creativeness is encouraged in this step. Step 3.) Evaluate alternatives. This step is used to determine the consequences of the solution. Which alternative is best? Which one will be most beneficial in all areas? Step 4.) Make a choice. This step is often hard for managers to make. Once all the possible outcomes have been considered only one option can be picked. Step 5.) Implement the decision. Actions must be taken in order for a change to happen weather done by the decision maker or delegated to another. "Making a decision changes nothing." (Bateman & Snell p. 94) Finally, step 6.)...

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