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War Is Dishonerable

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War is dishonourable
Good afternoon fellow philosophers! Let me tell you about an unpleasant truth often overlooked… There are many evils in this world, but only one of them can be necessary in extreme cases.

EVERYONE knows that this necessary evil is WAR. WAR is a part of human nature where people are born with an instinct to disagree, whatever the consequences maybe. War is harsh War is cruel, but if we didn’t have courageous soldiers to fight for our country’s rights the world wouldn’t be the world that we know it to be today.

HOWEVER I completely DISAGREE…. If war wasn't in the world to begin with, we as a human race would be a lot better off!!!

The world has already faced three World Wars and now facing the added dimension of terrorism and suicide bombers that have taken countless numbers of innocent lives. Yes, the world has seen a lot of war. But has it solved any problems? I firmly speak for the proposition 'War is dishonourable’ It creates more problems than it solves'. Wars have left in their wake only death and destruction. The feelings of hatred, jealousy and greed that cause war still remain. Children have become orphans, entire cities have been destroyed, many have become refugees and large numbers have lost their livelihood and sunk into poverty. These are the legacies of war. Wouldn't people agree with me that war has certainly created more problems than it has solved, you only have to watch the news each night to be reminded of the atrocities that are played out across the globe on a daily basis.

Let me take a more concrete example. India and Pakistan have already fought three wars. But has it solved the basic problem? No. The hatred and distrust between the two nations continues. Instead of spending large sums on defence and nuclear weapons, they could have spent it on the people, abolishing poverty and hunger providing basic education to their population. This would have made a real difference in the lives of the people of both the countries, two of the poorest in the world. So, isn't it clear that war only brings problems and doesn't solve any? (Maybe get some stats on how much these countries spend on Defence and how much is spent on humanitarian aid or education)

The poem Charge of the light shares an alternative about how war is an honorable and right way to die for your country. The poem celebrates the bravery of the six hundred men that fought for their country in the Crimean War and the amount of courage they took to battle that day. Tennyson gives a message of glory and bravery, with sacrifice for their country, a righteous and advantageous end.

Another relevant poem that expresses the feeling of war is, Dulce et decorum est by Wilfred Owen.
Although Wilfred Owen expresses the danger of war and gives graphic and horrific interpretation of what it’s like. The expression 'I saw him drowning' creates an image of a man dying in a 'sea' of gas which suggests that the gas was filling up in his lungs like water when you drown. The poem presents a more gruesome view on war and reveals his personal experience and emotions. Owen shares the truth about how horrendous war can really be.
Barack Obama is another believer that war is honourable. Barack Obama won a noble prize for his speech defending the US role in Afghanistan, arguing that the use of force could bring lasting peace to the world. Well, He is wrong. War is just like a game for people like him with power, where they use countries as chess pieces to knock another out of the game. No war has ever helped in attaining peace; rather it always reduces the possibility of peace. It is more to show our anger than to find a solution. Forcing war on someone is easy but forcing peace is impossible.

I sincerely feel that dialogue is the only way to solve disputes between. It is better to spread the language of love, peace and understanding, instead of throwing stones of hatred and violence in children. I restate once again war is dishonourable because it creates more problems than it solves.

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