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7) econtour Edentulous Ridges—Removal of redundant soft tissue makes impression
taking and fitting complete and partial dentures more accurate and comfortable. Ideal for preparation of ovate pontic sites. Electrode recommendations: #T2; T5; #T8; #T16; #P4.

Federal Law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a properly licensed practitioner.

8) emoval of Hyperplastic and Hypertrophic Tissue—Ideal in case of medication-induced
gingival hyperplasia. Electrode recommendations: #T2; #T5; #T8; #T16; #P4. 9) ericoronitis—Fast, easy removal of pericoronal tissue above partially-erupted third

molars. Electrode recommendations: #T5; #T8; #T16.
1 P 0) erforming Gingivectomy or Gingivaplasty—Predictably reduce depth of shallow periodontal pockets. Electrode recommendations: #T2; #T5; #T8; #T16; #P4. 1) renectomy—Relieve excess muscle tension and tissue pull and improve esthetics.
1 F
Electrode recommendation: #T2.
2) xposing Teeth with Delayed Eruption—Allow orthodontic eruption to proceed.
Electrode recommendations: #T2; #T5; #T8; #T16.

1 P 3) erforming Tissue Biopsy—Controlled removal of suspect lesions with minimal tissue damage. Electrode recommendations: #T2; #T5.

1 E 4) xposing Pre-Placement Implant Sites—Clean, smooth gingival incisions with control of bleeding for fast exposure of the implant placement site. (IMPORTANT: AVOID
CONTACT WITH THE BONE.) Electrode recommendations: #T2; #T8; #T16.
1 )P 5 eriodontal Flaps—Controlled, sharp incisions for better healing.
Electrode recommendation: #T2.

1 C 6) ontrolling Bleeding of Nicked Gingival Papillae—For accurate impressions after crown preparation. Electrode recommendation: #P4.
1 R 7) eshaping of Gingival Sulcus into Healthy U-shape—After crown preparation.
Electrode recommendation: #P4.

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