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Warehouse and Distribution

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Supply Support: Warehousing and Distribution
Chris Scott and Arni Jonsson
Oklahoma State University
Aviation Logistics
AVED 4153
Dr. Jerry McMahan
February 22, 2012

Supply support is only one of the 10 elements in logistics. Warehouse is just a part of supply support. The purpose of warehousing is to move goods from suppliers to customers, while meeting the customer’s demands in a timely manner. Things involved in warehousing are receiving of material, storage of material, inventory of material, packaging of material, and the manpower needed to perform the tasks along with the equipment. You also need to consider the training needed for these jobs and for the equipment involved in the jobs. There are a lot of important steps in warehousing in order to keep the customer satisfied. Everything must be done correctly to save time and to keep track of all material.

Warehousing is a big part of logistics. Warehousing as many different responsibilities and functions. What is involved in warehousing is not only storage, which is what most people think. There is a lot more to it than that. Warehousing involves receiving material, storing material, inventorying material, picking material, packaging and shipping material. It also involves training to do these things plus training to operate the equipment required to accomplish the things listed above. Safety is also a big issue in warehousing and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has some say in how a warehouse is run. It has several regulations that a warehouse has to be familiar with and go by.
Purpose of Warehousing I find that the purpose of a warehouse is broke down to the factor that the demand and expectations of the customers' must be met in a timely manner. Sometimes the need could be to hold some stock...

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