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Warhol's Effect on Shirin Neshat's Career Path

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The visual arts consist of numerous varied practices, each with their own specific set of skills and theories. Though it happens occasionally, the applied concepts of these practices do not overlap very often. For instance, one may be the most skilled painter in the world and find upon picking up a camera that he or she may lack the skills necessary to produce something of quality. The difference between still photography and video may be more slight, but there is still a level of knowledge on the mechanics of film and movement necessary for making this transition. However, now more than ever, the film industry is seeing a rise in the number of filmmakers with a fine arts education. Due to the exclusive nature of the Hollywood film industry, it is clear that what these artists are producing is not the typical low-budget, unrefined student film. Oftentimes, there is a very evident influence based around Andy Warhol's career path and individual works that these artists tend to follow and become successful in doing so. Andy Warhol produced radical mixed medium photography, moved on to installation motion picture art, and then feature films. Perhaps artists like Warhol have always been best at pushing the limits – they are not afraid of breaking the rules, trying something different or shocking, and taking a risk upon exhibiting the results. Linda Yablonsky in her contribution to ARTNews credits Andy Warhol as the specific artist, and reason, that has convinced current artists to make their way into film; this movement is surprising audiences with the compositions produced. Yablonsky compares and contrasts such artists' work from before and after this transition and states that generally, “their movies are extensions of their usual work, with one difference: the films are based on screenplays that have a fairly conventional narrative bent” (Yablonsky, 1). Warhol's...

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