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Was Eve Black Really Suffering from Mpd?

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Multiple personality disorder is defined as a dissociative disorder in which two or more distinct personalities coexist within one and the same individual. It is an example of a neurotic disorder. In the case of Multiple personality disorder none of the personalities have difficulty with reality testing. Multiple personality disorder is nowadays referred to as dissociate identity disorder.
When relating this to the Thigpen and Cleckley’s study they claim that the patient who was referred to as Eve White in the study to be suffering from MPD. However, there have been many arguments which state that Eve White may have been tricking Thigpen and Cleckley throughout the therapy. This essay will focus on my opinion to whether or not I believe in the fact that if Eve was really suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder.
The whole nature of the study came about when Eve White had been referred for therapy to one of the authors of sever and blinding headaches, at her first interview she also complained of blackouts following her headaches. When Eve White was being interviewed the therapist interprets the way Eve White changes approach towards to him; being more familiar and relaxed as she had in fact become Eve Black, an entirely different personality; which is a symptom of Multiple Personality Disorder.
I believe that Eve Black was in fact suffering from MPD, there are several reasons why I think this such as the findings which back up the idea that Eve Black had MPD such as several days after a visit to the therapists, a letter from White appeared at the therapists’ office. The letter concerned her therapy and was writer in her usual handwriting, but at the bottom of the page there was a paragraph that looked like a child had written it, this shows that Eve White did have MPD as her complete writing style has changed towards the end of the letter. It could be…...

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