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Water Cooperation

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Assignment I – CIA 1- 2013 is the International Year of water cooperation. Discuss the socio-political significance of water cooperation in India.

“Water is a key foundation, whose importance can hardly be overestimated. It is a common denominator of the leading global challenges of our time - energy, food, health, peace and security. Water management can reduce the risk of disasters, such as droughts and floods. With trans boundary river basins and aquifer systems representing almost half the earth's surface, water cooperation is vital for peace.” - Irina Bokova, UNESCO Director-General.
The fulfillment of basic human needs, our environment, socio-economic development and poverty reduction are all heavily dependent on water. Good management of water is especially challenging due to some of its unique characteristics: it is unevenly distributed in time and space, the hydrological cycle is highly complex and perturbations have multiple effects. Rapid urbanization, pollution and climate change threaten the resource while demands for water are increasing in order to satisfy the needs of a growing world population, now at over seven billion people, for food production, energy, industrial and domestic uses. Water is a shared resource and its management needs to take into account a wide variety of conflicting interests. This provides opportunities for cooperation among users at all levels. Water, a vital resource unlike any other knows no borders. For instance, 148 countries share at least one trans boundary river basin.
On 11 February 2011, the UN General Assembly decided to proclaim 2013 International Year of Water Cooperation. The objective of the Year is to raise awareness of both the potential for increased cooperation and the challenges facing water management in the context of greater demand for water access,...

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