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Water Neutrality Decision

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September 1, 2015

Water Neutrality Decision

As a stakeholder, I would have to say that Coca-Cola has responded in a manner that I can agree with. Rather than avoiding the problem they were experiencing, they decided to tackle it head on. Unfortunately, many other companies might have just dismissed this issue of water neutrality but Coca-Cola saw that it was hurting the company and so they acted upon it. The company didn't just acknowledge that there is an issue and leave it at that. They went to great lengths to try and figure out what the best course of action they should take regarding water conservation and other issues regarding the protection of nature. They asked for advice on how they should proceed from organizations that are experts in this field. It can't be said for sure but, it's also possible that Coca-Cola is doing all of this to solely enhance their business rather than doing it with the intention to help conditions across the world. Even if that's the case, they could have dismissed and they didn't, so I believe their response was great. Water neutrality is an issue to society because of how much water is available to people around the world. Water neutrality is concerned with how much of a water footprint people and businesses have. By becoming more water neutral, you will use water more efficiently and not be quite as wasteful with it. If done correctly, it can have a positive impact on the amount of usable water other people will be able to use. Companies that are involved in using a lot of water might benefit from becoming more water neutral. It's possible that Coca-Cola is doing this for the positive benefits that can come from it. It can make your company look better by supporting serious initiatives like this one. There's also the possibility that companies might find it difficult to conform to water neutrality and they may not continue to pursue it. Initiatives could possibly hurt some companies that are unable to conform. If they cannot conform, they may be seen as backwards by people. I believe that regulations can be a good thing and they can help businesses in many ways if they are properly created. Unfortunately it can be tricky to know whether the proposed regulation will be helpful or detrimental to the life of businesses. If the regulation is created in a bad manner, many businesses can suffer. So I believe that more regulation should come, if it is truly needed. If that's the case, the regulation should be constructed in a way that wont hurt businesses. In this case, more regulation on water neutrality could be a good thing for everyone if done right.

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