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Checklist for P6 - Describe how political, legal and social factors are impacting upon the business activities of the selected organisations and their stakeholders.

You should include the following in your coursework

Write an introduction into what you have been asked to do choose the business you used in P5 i.e. operates here in the UK and abroad
Write about the following for BOTH countries

You now must describe how the political factors, legal and social factors affects the business:

You must select to write about two factors from the list of political factors and legal factors

political factors
Political stability
Government support for different type of organisations e.g. private, voluntary, public
Fiscal e.g. levels and types of taxation
Direct support e.g. grants, loans
Providing infrastructure e.g. transport, internet
Enhancing skills of the working population e.g. education, training, research Organisations to support businesses e.g. business link
Membership of international trading communities e.g. European union

legal factors
Providing framework for business e.g. company law
Protecting consumers and employees e.g. company law, employment law, consumer protection
Ensuring fair and honest trading e.g. competition law

You must select to write about two factors from the list of social factors

social factors
Demographic issues e.g. population growth or decline
Change in structure e.g. ageing
Households and families
Attitude to work
Attitudes to male and female roles
Ethics – this website may help you write some parts of the social factors – ageing population

You must speak about the above for both countries you have chosen and say how it affects the business from P5.

Some factors may lead to benefits whereas others may have created...

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