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Ways Women Are

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Jenna Hwang
English 1A
18 September 2013
Ways Women Are There were specific views on women of how they were supposed to act to what they were supposed to do with their life. It’s always been this idea that women are the “damsel in distress” in desperate need of saving from a certain “prince charming”. Throughout the years those views have altered quite a bit. Not only are they beautiful and elegant, they are now also powerful while possessing the ability to control their future. As I was growing up, Disney movies and certain people in the media molded my judgment on women in both positive and negative ways. The princesses and actresses showed me how women can be the “damsel in distress”, weak and only necessary for preparing food and bearing children; the “heroin”, powerful and independent; the “eye candy”, a distraction or an object purely for the pleasure of men; and naturally the “Lady”, the superior females who have the positive aspects of both the “eye candy” and “the heroin”. When I was a child the only movies I watched were the classic Disney movies. Those princesses were the female role models that I looked up to. They were always so beautiful with great talent. No matter how horrible the environment in which the princesses grew up, they were always humble and kind to anyone and everyone. On the contrary, some people even say that they are naïve or too nice and that they would have gotten taken advantage of easily if girls were like that in the real world. As a young girl I thought no harm in the representation the
Hwang 2 princesses made of women. I thought, since they were princesses, that women were held up to a high value or even looked up to like royalty. However, as I grew up, I realize that those movies only created this image that women are fragile and in need of a male figure in her life to complete her. I learned more and...

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