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Ways To Fund A Business
Jeremy Tyson Jarvi
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This paper is going to reflect how I choose to fund my business (or company). There are a few ways to raise money: Selling stock, licensing the product, and taking out loans. I will also be describing the who, what and how of each of the following: Investment Banker, Stock Market, Financial Management, and Risk Financing. I will share with you my preferred source of funds, and I’ll explain to you the risks and rewards of what I have decided to do, as it will help you better understand my thought process.

Ways To Fund A Business

An “Investment Banker” is either an individual or a company that acts as a representative for other companies or governments issuing securities. They can also hold brokerage or dealer jobs as well. They also act as financial advisors to the companies that they represent, as well as take a huge part in mergers, acquisitions and restructurings of businesses. They do not accept deposits from individuals or give out loans to individuals, only businesses.

The “Stock Market” is a general term for stock trading over the counter and via exchange. The Stock Market is based on Wall Street in Downtown Manhattan. It contains the Dow Jones (DJIA), this is the one that is used on a regular basis as an indicator of the economy, there are many other exchanges as well. Our Stock Market is based on the other stock trades in the world, for example if the NIKKEI (Japanese) market drops, generally the US Market will fall as well. Our economy is based on the economies of the rest of the world. When their money falls our money crashes.

“Financial Management” is basically managing finances and making sure that the money is being spent in the right place and the right ways, so that there is no misappropriation of funds or embezzling.…...

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