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Emile Durkheim: Father Of Sociology
Emile was a sociologist committed towards his country. He wanted to bring in a number of positive social and moral reforms for the benefit of his motherland. He had a secular mindset and set goals to achieve. Emile concentrated on the establishment of sociology as a recognized and new academic subject. He also burnt midnight oil on the analysis of how society of that time could retain its integrity, identity and coherence in the future times to come when religious ethnicity might lose its value. In his regard, Durkheim researched and wrote a lot on how religion, education, law etc could effect society and its integration.
Emile Durkheim was also concerned with the practical impact of science. He considered science as a means that could keep the fabric of society connected. He introduced the eye-opening concept of ‘Anomie’ or lack of societal norms that could result in instability and chaos. This happened through his book that was published in the year1893 with the title, ‘The Division Of Labour In Society’. The book brought to light many an aspect that effect society in a negative way especially behaviour of people with each other.
Durkheim also studied the causes behind ‘suicides’ and once again made a reference to ‘Anomie’. He suggested that suicide could be condition resulting from moral deregulations. According to Durkheim, each suicide victim has a personal stamp to his act which is an expression of his temperament, the conditions around him that are difficult to explain...

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