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Despite the unpredictable economy in the Philippines in the past few years, the food industry manages to keep afloat and even manifest a remarkable growth. Blame it on Filipino’s love for food; people in the Philippines love to eat. Food dominates their lives and has become the basis of their social life. They eat three meals a day and two snacks in between. As a matter of fact, there are seven official meals known as breakfast, snacks, lunch, merienda, pica-pica, dinner and pulutan. And when it comes to taste, if other Asian countries prefer it spicy, Filipinos love it sweet. They always have a fondness for something sweeter than usual. Filipinos like sweet style spaghetti and not the sour taste like the Italian one. They love the sweetness of banana ketchup in the pasta recipe. Above all, pork or chicken barbeque is marinated in soy sauce, sugar, ketchup. And of course the sweeter the taste the better – sweet is the taste of love in the Philippines.

It is trendy to eat foods that are creating a big buzz in the country, like hamburgers, siomai, frozen yogurt, take out noodles, scramble, sisig and chicken barbeque. Mainly, Filipinos are known as rice eaters, meals are never complete without eating rice. Despite that, Filipinos are still keen in eating Western burgers, sandwiches and pasta. But the important place of rice remains irreplaceable. These days, young brands like Burger Project, Crave Burger, Brothers Burger or its cheaper buy-one-take-one counterpart, the Angel Burgers gained much popularity. Further, siomai, scramble and stir-fried noodles still remain a hip food product for the masses because it is cheaper and comes with good packaging at all times. Nonetheless, this year’s home-run success remains the chicken barbeque.
Lately, it has been noted that the future of Philippine food industry is going towards…...

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