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We Are All Made Of Molecules Book Report

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We Are All Made of Molecules

We Are All Made of Molecules is a book by Susin Nielsen. The book got many great reviews and even won a Red Maple award for 2016. The book we are all made of molecules is about a mixed family. It revolves around two kids; Ashley and Stewart. Ashley is a popular girl, pretty, takes time in her look kinda girl but as for her grades, not very good. Stewart is a, nerdy, intelligent, kind of a genius type of person but lacks popularity and social skills. Stewart is trying to be happy about the fact that he and his dad are moving in with Ashley and her mom. But Ashley is totally disgusted. They are completely different from each other but in the end, they are all made of molecules. What will happen to this family?
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No matter what, you are never alone. I feel like Ashley felt that way when she was having her own problems. Also to stay positive all the way through even when worst comes to worst. Because “Even when things are falling apart, they may actually be falling into place.” I think at the end of the day, Ashley and Stewart learned that lesson and are actually quite happy that their lives turned out that way. Susin Nielsen did achieve the purpose of writing this book. She taught us this message by having Ashley and Stewart facing this problem. I feel like the message was really out there and it taught many people this important lesson. I liked the book, it was funny, great message, and how it’s in the perspective of both Ashley and Stewart so we can see the way they both think, but feel like it needed to be more exciting. Something shocking. Something that people wouldn’t expect. When you are in a crowd and everyone is wearing black, you shouldn’t wear black, wear orange! Stand out! So out of all the books out there, this book needs to stand out. It needs to be the person who wears orange! I’m not saying that this book didn’t stand out I’m saying that maybe Susin Nielsen can add something more to the story. That’s how I feel about the

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