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We Should Not View the Education as a Business.

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In my mind, the relationship between students and professors could not simply be seen as the relationship between customers and service providers, and we should not view the education as a business. Firstly, education is totally different from business, so we could not use business principle and relationship to require or define education. Normally, in the business relationship, customers know what they want, and they will make their own decision of which product to buy. All the things the businessmen need to do is to provide the customers the product or service. But in education, the relationship is totally different. Normally, students just know they want to learn some knowledge in a certain filed, but most of them do not know how to learn and what to learn, so professors’ responsibility is much more than businessmen's. The professors not only need to teach their students the knowledge they should learn, but also need to tell them how to learn and how to use these knowledge. The relationship between professors and students is not just a simple relationship between providers and customers. This relationship means more responsibility than the business relationship. Secondly, as I mentioned above, the relationship in education means more responsibility than the regular business relationship, but in my mind, the responsibility is not just to students, but also to the whole society. We all know that the goal of the most business companies is to make profits as much as they can, but I believe that almost all the education institutions' goals are the same, it is to provide our society talents, but not profits. Actually, schools have much more responsibility to the whole society than to the students. So it is very normal and necessary for schools to have more strict requirements to their students, they must make sure that their graduates will be useful for the society....

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