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Weaknesses Assignment Phase Ii- Security Assessment and Recommendations

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Running head: Security Assessment and Recommendations

Week 6: Weaknesses Assignment Phase II- Security Assessment and Recommendations
SE571 Principles of Information Security and Privacy

Aircraft Solutions (AS) is a renowned equipment and component fabrication company with the capability to provide full range designs and implantation solutions to different sectors such as defense, aerospace, commercial and electronics industries. This paper discusses the possible recommendations based on the security assessment conducted in Phase 1, and proposes possible changes in order to ensure the safety of AS networks. The Company owns an enormous production plan which promises to deliver high quality solutions for targeted at various industries. It is equipped with a team of excellent and highly qualified professionals who cater to various needs of different industries. This paper intends to find possible solutions to bridge the gaps as found in the investigation in Phase 1. The weaknesses that are being addressed are the firewall configuration, virtualization of their hardware assets and defining and revisiting their security policy regarding firewall configuration and updated software at least twice a year.
Brief overview of the Vulnerabilities in AS
After a thorough investigation of the IT architecture and systems of the Aircraft Solutions, two main concerns were identified as the priority items that needed attention. The first was hardware related concern and was pertaining to the lack of a firewall being present in the network. This would lead to high risks as the system would be vulnerable to malicious attacks from external users, and also due to lack of any authentication mechanism, authorization of inbound traffic, there was always a possibility of information loss or damage. Another major concern was related to the software policy of AS. As per...

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