Wealth and Happiness

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1. Give an outline on the views on the relation between wealth and happiness presented in texts 1 and 2.
In text 1 David tells us of how wealth is nothing compared to your relationships with other people. Through many studies it has been shown that people get more happiness out of socializing with people than making lots of money. Text 1 ends with the conclusion that personal triumphs are important, but not as important as relationships.
In text 2 we are told that studies show that people are happier when using money on experiences rather than on material goods like a new couch. Some studies also show that people tend to want what the neighbor has. But if people spend more money on experiences, they will be less likely to compare experiences with others. This, of course does not apply for everyone. Fashion lovers for example, have a completely different sight on these things, clothes can be a form of self-expression.
2. How does David Brooks engage the reader in text 1? Give examples from the text.
“Two things happened to Sandra Bullock this month. First, she won an Academy Award for best actress. Then came the news reports claiming that her husband I an adulterous jerk. So the philosophic question of the day is: Would you take that as a deal? Would you exchange a tremendous professional triumph for a severe personal blow?”
David Brooks uses Sandra Bullock’s personal life to tell us that your marriage and relationships with your family are more important than your own triumphs in your career. David attracts some readers by starting with this intro, in the start you think it is going to something about famous people or gossip. After the intro he gets the reader really interested by trying to give the explanation to what it is that gives happiness.
David goes on telling about some research made by Donald A. Redelmeier and…...