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Mr. Susilo Hatono

Client Meeting November 2011





Partnering and Leading You to Your Success


Our Trusted Team and Approach
Our relationship is established on EPIC values – Excellence, Professionalism, Integrity, Commitment
You are the centre of everything we do
We are committed to listening, understanding, and determining your investment needs, objectives, preferences, constraints and risk tolerance; together with a thorough analysis of the economy, we seek to give you the most up-to-date and personalised solutions to achieve your goals and objectives.

Mr. Susilo Hatono
Your Team of Trusted Specialists

Steffi Tedjo
Relationship Manager

Teo Shih Jie

Benjamin Chong
Portfolio Manager

Lim Chang Tat
Equity Product Specialist

Cheryl Ong
Fixed Income Product Specialist

Natasha Wan
Alternative Product Specialist




Agenda for today’s meeting


- Updated investment - Updated objectives investment objectives current - Review of investments - Review of current investments - Overview of Portfolio

Equities Equities Fixed Income Fixed Income Alternative Alternative Investments Investments - Recap of Portfolio



Macroeconomic Outlook
The Current Investment Environment




Global Financial Markets
Will there be another global economic downturn?

Emerging Markets US Economy

Eurozone Debt

Euro-zone Crisis – An Introduction
Sources of Debt Tax Evasion Debt from Olympics 2004

Pension Rights...

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