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Wealth over Love

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Wealth Over Love Once upon a time, in the far far away kingdom of Smis, there was a beautiful princess named Elizabeth. She was always satisfied with what she has. She was never sad, and is always smiling, as her kingdom is affluent, full of wealth, power, and dignity. One late evening, she heard a small noise out from the outside of her room. It was a small tiny noise she didn’t really notice at first, but it occurred again. She wondered what it was, so she walked outside to check what it was. Once she got onto her balcony, the bright moon light hit her body. She felt lighted up. The stars are sparkling like ice cubes, with the backdrop of the sky which was glowing blue. The mysterious noise repeated again, and with more distinct of frustration. It was the small sparrow under the full moon. Elizabeth stood there and kept observing the sparrow. The sparrow kept making the frustrating sound, and never got onto the branch, and keeps flying around near the tree. Her sound was sharp, long, and seems like she’s longing for someone. She sounded like she is singing to someone to come to her. The bird seem painfully isolated comparing to the fulfilled moon with it’s company of sparkling stars. Looking at the sparrow, Elizabeth felt the dryness. Then came a male sparrow. It flew up to the tree where the other sparrow was. Elizabeth couldn’t hear anymore frustrating sound from the sparrow. The two sparrows started to fly around together for a while. Then I could see that they are tired as they have been flying around and playing. So they flew on a branch of the tree. They started packing each other’s neck and sat there on the branch. It seems like they are so happy to be together, and then later they started to cuddle to each other. Watching at that scene, just made Elizabeth realize she was just like the sparrow. She saw the happiness in the sparrow when a mate came to her. Compared to the sparrow’s life and Elizabeth, she felt sad and left out, when there is a company for the sparrow and to keep her happy. Like every other mornings, Elizabeth have breakfast with her beloved father. Her mother has passed away from a deadly disease, and now her father loves Elizabeth so much, as Elizabeth and her mother looks very alike. He doesn’t want Elizabeth to die too, because there is only here left to love. That morning, Elizabeth walked into the dinning room, with a sad face, unlike any other mornings when she would come smiling and kissing her father on the cheeks. This time she walked into the room kissed her father quickly and got right onto her seat. Her father notice the unhappiness on her daughter’s face and asked her what the problem was. Without hesitation, Elizabeth said “Daddy, yesterday I saw this sparrow who was flying around the tree, making some frustrating sound.” “Continue please my princess” King Ryann of Smis asked to continue. “Then came along a sparrow, all of a sudden, the other sparrow wasn’t making anymore sound. I think the sparrow was feeling really lonely at first, or seems like it was missing or asking someone to come. Then the two sparrows started to play together and then they cuddled.” “Daddy I feel the same, lonely and lost with love.” My daughter is not happy anymore, thought the King and started feeling sad. I want my daughter to be happy, and to make her happy now would be is to find her a husband. But he needs to be perfect, and a worthy prince. What shall I do? “I shall make a ceremony, or a competition to all princes of Europe for the love of my daughter.” The next day the king wrote letters for all kingdoms of Europe to come to Kingdom of Smis for 7 days for this competition and ceremony. These letters were sent with the pigeons. The Kingdom of Smis was getting ready for the parade where all the kings, queens, prince and princesses of all Europe will come. King Ryann of Smis and her beautiful daughter Elizabeth was standing on top of their castle balcony waiting for all the people of Europe. They could see every part of the kingdom from their castle. The day has come when all princes of Europe would arrive in the kingdom of Smis, for the 7 days ceremony and competition. Every kingdom was asked to come with their own kingdom style of clothing, their people and a bunch of people dancing their kingdom style, while the royal family was suppose to stand on top of their parade carts. Over 25 princes from all of Europe came to compete for one beautiful princess of Smis. Out of all these princes, only 2 princes caught Elizabeth’s eye. It was prince Duke of Ulster, and Prince Aaron of Wexford.

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