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May 29, 2012

Tanisha D. Jackson

Web Development and the Use of Javascript
Creating a Website and presenting it online to users across the world has become a regular occurrence over the past few decades. Web pages belong to companies with services to sell, and others, to individuals with information to share. The basic Web site is built with HTML, and then creatively enhanced with CSS. To create a visually expressive Web site that can attract thousands of visitors each day you need to use more than HTML and decide what the site contains. There are different languages that can be used to add a sense of style to your site, some of the possible devices are JavaScript, Java, DOM, and AJAX. In the following paper our team will discuss a few examples of how each can be used in Web development.

Comparison of Java and JavaScript
Java and JavaScript are both object-oriented languages (Burns, 2012). Knowing how to use one language often becomes confusing when attempting to learn the other. Some of the differences between the two are that Java applets can create stand-alone applications that work across platforms running as standalone programs. However, JavaScript cannot create these stand-alone applications and reside on an Internet browser.
A programmer must compile Java code before the program can run. This requires an outside program just to compile the code. A compiler turns Java code into machine language code before a browser can interpret it. Any changes the programmer makes to the code will require him to recompile the program and this can be a real tedious act to commit over and over. A web designer can write JavaScript functions directly in a text editor, saving the file and upload it to the server for immediate execution or using an editor like Adobe Dreamweaver that allows for…...