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Web-Based Technology in the Classroom
Tiffany Watson
American Public University


In 2013 the world has evolved so much, and allows a lot of learning to be done right at home in your night clothes. The internet has a lot of things to offer the students in the classroom also. The students that I work with on a daily basis are really comfortable with using the web to do lessons and though the students move with ease while doing web based lessons there are still some obstacles that the students run into. Three specific obstacles are not having enough computers for students to use, students not having the technological literacy to complete the assignment, and keeping students focus on their work. Every problem has a solution and it would just take a little more effort but these problems could be resolved easily. Good ideas for involving a web based strategy is having the students use Google Docs and create a presentation on the 6 biomes.

Children today are growing up in a society where ten and eleven years old children have cell phones. These cell phones can scan, email, fax, video chat, and do a whole lot of other things. The majority of the students that I work with on a daily basis definitely understands and is comfortable with using the web for classwork or homework. As teachers we face challenges getting the students to be a part of the technological integration. Challenges such as not having enough resources for students to use, some students may be technologically challenged, and some student have a hard time staying focused on what they are supposed to be completing. There are many ways to use web-strategy in the classroom. In science we are discusses the six biomes of the ecosystem. The students will use Google Doc to create a biome of their choice in the biome the students will…...

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