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Web Based Operating Systems

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Web Based Operating Systems
David Gonzales
POS/355 Instructor John Buono
June 18th, 2012

WebOS systems are operating systems that are scaled for internet computing (R. MacManus, May 11, 2006). There are many types of Web Operating Systems and the terminology can seem a bit fuzzy from a metacomputing standpoint. But with the growth of the internet so too has the term WebOS become serious in the ranks of computing systems. There have been many attempts to hoard market share on Web Operating Systems like Microsofts Windows 2003 Server Web Edition (Pingdom, 2011). But basically WebOS Servers are common operating systems serving the public over the internet. Most of these are server editions vary among todays popular operating systems like Windows, Linux, MAC, and UNIX. An additional platform is usually common to layer on top of these operating systems and these come in various flavors as well depending on the function of the website. This paper will target the popular server operating systems that are common on the internet today with emphasis on why these systems are popular and some of the features these systems offer as systems suitable for internet servers. Windows Servers Without question Microsoft Windows bases servers are among the most popular servers on the internet today. Need proof? Just look for the .htm extention at the end of the URL and you will find that most websites are easily identifiable as a Windows based server (J. Kyrnin, Windows based servers are popular operating systems in general because they offer a wide variety of popular system platforms that are also commonly used on the web today such as Microsoft Hyper-V, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft even offers a web server platform customized for content management with (MCMS) Microsoft Content Management Server (MSDN,...

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