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Web Hosting Companies in Tanzania
Internet has become one of the major sources of information and if you have something to share the best to way is to make this information available by making a website. When you have made a website you have to hire the services of a web hosting company to make your website available for world on the Internet. Web hosting is required so that your website is accessible anywhere around the world at any time.
Tanzania is among the flourishing nations in the use of technology and Internet. According to a latest survey there are 6.1 million users of Internet in Tanzania. The developments in the field of telecommunication have been slow and rather late but recent reforms have improved the situation. As a result of better infrastructure, many Tanzanian based web hosting companies have started providing services. There are various providers having different services and price ranges. The choice of web host depends on many factors like price, security, reliability, etc. according to the needs and situation. Sometimes price is the biggest factor when you are low on budget and you have to choose the cheapest provider and as a result you may have to sacrifice the security. In other cases security and reliability of data is most important and you for the best option not worrying about the price.
Extreme Web Technologies ( ) is the biggest web hosting service provider in Tanzania having around 32% market share. There are different service plans available offering different price ranges and service and you can choose according to your budget and needs. If you are hosting your personal website and don’t have many extensive needs of data then the best plan for you is the personal plan which has an annual price of 50$ and in return you get 250 MB space and 10 GB bandwidth. There are other plans also available if you want...

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