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A step by step checklist for publishing a brand new website through a hosting company would be the following. First checking to ensure that the site hosting company will provide the operating system that will support he site, for example if you are going to run the site on Microsoft Windows or on Linux. After determining the operating system then we need to ensure they will provide adequate space for storage and applications such as Drupal, WordPress or .net. We need to make sure that the hosting company will allow support of the applications if it will be used to help create the site.
Bandwidth requirements is also another important part when looking for a web hosting company, making sure that you have adequate bandwidth will ensure that you site is not slow or down when a lot of people are visiting the website. I choose Godaddy.com as a hosting site because they allow a person to choose the operating system and select the language support needed for the site. They also will support application add-in such as WordPress and Drupal which will allow me to select an add-in that I would like to support for running the site. Another reason I selected Godaddy.com is the price and what the office for the monthly price. For a monthly price of $5.99 a month they offer 150GB of space, unlimited websites and bandwidth, 500 email accounts which will allow me to have multiple mailboxes. Godaddy.com also provides free Google, Bing, yahoo and Facebook ad credits allowing me to advertise on their sites before paying for advertising. This will help with advertising to help promote the website, Go daddy also offers tools to help with the promotion or design of the website.

Overall when selecting a web hosting company we have to be careful and make sure that we select a website that will provide us with not only the tools but also the services that will help us keep our…...