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Websites for Young Adult Literature
ALAN (The Assembly on Literature for Adolescents) A variety of resources related to young adult literature Vandergrift’s Young Adult Literature Page Bibliography of readings on young adult literature, booklists, literary biographies, feminist materials The Literary Link In depth study questions for various well-known YA books. Favorite Teenage Angst Books Read books reviews for older teenagers, arranged by themes. Secondary English Book reviews, articles, columns and powerpoint presentations. Teenreads Contains book reviews, new books to read, suggestions for creating your own book club. Reading Rants – Out of the Ordinary Teen Booklists As its title suggests, this site contains book lists and reviews according to unusual categories, such as Slacker Fiction, Out of the Closet, Teen Tearjerkers, etc. Harper Teen Fanlit Contains a daily blog written by different YA authors about their texts. Teaching Literature Companion website to a text book; contains a great section on YA literature with a comprehensive list of web sites related to teaching YA literature. Reviewers Checklist Online database to help children, teens and families find books by topic, publisher, series, etc.

Middle & High School: Literature in Mathematics Contains a chart of books organized by the math topic being addressed. Just One More Book Podcasts about an assortment of children’s books.

Fantastic Fiction Bibliographies of thousands of authors and information about thousands of books. Book Wink A unique and exciting site that uses videos and podcasts “on location” to introduce books to 3rd through 8th graders. Awesome Library – Middle High School Literature html Contains actual texts and curriculum ideas for often studied classics in middle and high school. American Collection Educator’s Site There’s so much useful information here, including texts to use beyond the usual core, teacher recommended links to sources about particular authors, a database of American literature on video. Talk It Up! Contains ideas for starting a book discussion group and hundreds of guides for YA book discussions. Comic Books for Young Adults Written for librarians, it gives an argument for using comics in the library and contains many links about comic books of interest. Great site for teachers, including a literature index, lesson plans and activities, free powerpoint presentations to use in the classroom ATN Reading Lists

An assortment of YA reading lists, organized based on such categories as targeted audience, author’s lists, school subject, themes, values and my favorite, Read Alike..where you find the book you like and they give suggestions for similar stories you may enjoy. Internet Public Library for Teens: Teenspace A list of zines for teenagers.

VOYA: Voice of Youth Advocates Website for the library magazine serving those who serve young adults. Includes booklists and reviews. The Edge of the Forest An online monthly journal devoted to children’s literature, with YA reviews, interviews with YA authors and more. Brookline Book Review Podcasts A compilation of book review podcasts created by students and teachers. An exciting way to learn about new books. Richie’s Picks Includes book reviews of the latest texts for adolescents including “Best of” lists.

Blogs on Young Adult Literature
Most of the blogs listed contain reviews of YA books. Some however go beyond this and discuss issues surrounding YA literature, including reviewing, writing and publishing. Bildungsroman Becky’s Book Reviews OMS Book Blog VVM Book Blog The Goddess of YA Literature Booktopia Jen Robinson’s Book Page YA Author’s Cafe Emily Reads Deliciously Clean Reads Shelf Life Amoxcalli Muller in the Middle Reading YA: Readers’ Rants

YALSA Myspace Alternative Teen Services – Teen Lit Blog Cynsations Confessions of a Bibliovore Class of 2K7 Blog: Debut of Children’s and Young Adult Authors of 2007 Young Adult (and Kids) Book Central Blog Random Reads Sketch Blog: Author of Ellie McDoodle The heart of a Mother. The soul of a Reader. A Chair, A Fireplace, and a Tea Cozy Rene Saldana Jr. Strange Encounters with the Seer: Author Linda Joy Singleton her “Lists of Ten” for English teachers.

Listservs/E-mail Groups on Young Adult Literature
Adbooks Reads and discusses a new YA literature title every 2 weeks. Middle_school_lit Discusses new YA books and other topics around YA lit. Includes authors, librarians, teachers and others. NCTE A variety of listservs are posted here, including those for high school, middle school and elementary school English teachers. Middle-lit A listserv that includes many middle school teachers across the country sharing opinions and ideas about teaching literature to middle school students.

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