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Dylan Wyrick
Essay 2 Web? Or Print? When looking doing research and looking up different sources most students just go straight to the internet and use the first web page they find that deals with their topic. This is not a very strong method to use when attempting to find strong, credible information. It’s also beneficial to find some type of print source as well such as books, newspaper articles, magazines etc. Most professors and librarians recommend print sources rather than web sources because they tend to be more reliable. But with my topic, the urban legend of a man being fatally poisoned from a harmful pesticide when chewing on his golf tee, I found that my web source was far more credible than my print source. In my print source the authors purpose was to prove that Navy Lieut. George Prior was killed by an allergic reaction to a fungicide called Daconil by giving different sources and examples to prove his point to be true. Likewise, the author of my web source shared the same purpose as the author of my print source. They both were set out to prove that the fate of Lieut. Prior was due to the contact and allergic reaction to Daconil off of the golf course he had played thirty six holes on. My print source does a good job of giving informative examples about priors symptoms, “Four days after the golf game, Prior was in Bethesda naval Hospital with a 104.5 degree fever and blisters all over his body” (Nancy Scannell). It also gives the information from the doctor that performed the autopsy on Prior, “The official cause of Prior’s death was pneumonia due to Forces of Pathology at Walter Reed Army Hospital” (Scannell). These are pretty convincing examples, but I believe it takes a little bit more to completely dub this source with strong credibility. In my web source, however, the author also gives information and examples of...

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