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Hermeneutic code:
How it is subcribed the main point is the presentation of Microsoft's New Envisioning Center. What is interesting is the rest of the headline I mean work, play and live which seems like the try to evoke the feeling that it could influence and mainly improve the whole life easily. But it is obvious what the video will be about from the headline I would say.

Proairetic code:
There is clear storyline and what I found out really interesting, it is amount of examples of new technology working. The whole video is one big example of using technology which consists of smaller examples and we can say presentations. So for me it is examples and presentations what is the most significant point in the proairetic code of this video.

Semic code:
The first impression on me was big preassure on international expressing of video. A lot of nationalities and actually the family was international as well. Also the family looks happy (probably thanks to new technology) and the man looks really professional in the work. It seems like the expression would have been that successful and happy people use the products.

Symbolic code:
I found actually just one full-faced symbol and it was the toy of lion when children were working with the new tech. It was trying to show that it is so easy to use that even small child is able to work with that (and actually grandmother as well). Maybe man's cooking apron was symbol of possibility to work (cook) and use the new tech in the same time because the using of new tech "makes the cooking simple".

Referential code:
On the base of "west" understanding of family values there is showed perfect satisfied consume-orientated family (in my point of view). I would say it is typical cultural...

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