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Elements of Website Design
Shawneice Gary
April 21, 2014
Professor Janelle Elias

Elements of Website Design
There are so many elements that are important when designing a website and they have their places. But the top five elements could be design, content, navigation, usability, and mobile/desktop because they all play a major role in designing the best website. The reason design is at the top of the list is simply because this is the theme, font, visibility, color scheme and such that get the web design going. Design is an important element because a lot of time has to go into this aspect to make sure the content for your website is in order and has order. When content comes into the equation. Content is an important element because it features all of the information the company wants their customers and viewers to know about. The key to a good website is providing relevant content that your readers want. According to Murton, (2013), “Good navigation works hand-in-hand with the look of your website. You should certainly spend a good amount of time considering how to set out the navigation. Where will it be located, how will you categorize each page, etc.,” (pg. 1). Usability is another important element because good websites are easy to navigate, and quick to load and provide visitors with useful information and resources. To make your site user friendly, make sure the resolutions and file sizes of images are not too large and make sure your site is easy to get around. Mobile/desktop is another important element when designing a website because having these options in place makes it easy for a person to visit the website anywhere at any time.

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