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Website Migration Project

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Website Migration Project
In this current era, every business is going online, and most of the selling and buying of goods and services is being done n online. That is why Tony chips should also have a website where it can be able to advertize its business and reach many customers. This paper will cover the steps and requirements on how Tony chips will transfer web hosting from an external source to internal as well as how to make their website redundant. In the efforts to build that redundant and scalable website, the key principles of availability, performance, reliability, scalability, manageability and cost require much attention (Matsudaira, 2012). Also, the SDLC must be duly followed as it is the requirement of any system. These are systems planning, system analysis, system design, system implementation, and lastly system support/security (Shelly & Rosenblatt, 2012).
System Planning
In this phase, the familiarization of the processes involved and objectives of the business must be well highlighted. A formal business plan needs to be in place to show which operations the company will undertake. There is a need to know all participants in the whole migration process and the time when they will you require then in the migration process. As the one of the requirements is that the website needs to be hosting should be internal, it means that a server there is a server requirement. Besides that, the website’s redundancy needs to be planned for, and the way customers will be able to place their orders online. We require architecture in this case that allows dynamicity and that can allow many hardware platforms including allowing images display.

System analysis
In this phase of website migration project, the system requirements’ knowledge is paramount. That means the software and...

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