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Website Design Plan
Jorge Lopez
Web Design I/WEB 236
February 11, 2013
Christine Gysin

This paper will present some of the best web design practices for development and design foundations with XHTML. The continuous web technology improvement has made it more efficient for web developers to design a website for e-commerce and social networking to reach a specific target audience.

There are several elements to take into consideration when designing a website, applying best practices to the web design are very important. The website organization is largely determined by the website architecture with three common types of web organization, which will be presented in this paper. The designer must concentrate on the target audience for the website and constantly take into account how the target audience will view the website.
The designer should adhere to the recommendations of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and run the web site’s Web addresses via their appropriate assessment tools to be certain that the highest possible standard of accessibility is provided.
The content in addition to structure of the website ought to be meticulously designed for simplicity use and provide concise information to the visitor. The overall presentation of the website is required to be eye appealing without overwhelming graphics and sounds, although graphics help make webpages compelling and provide the user interactivity, the design should not use more media than needed. An important part of the designers planning involves continuous improvement by constantly evaluating and maintaining the website. The included material will provide techniques that will help develop a successful website for an Internet web company called

Web Site Purpose
The music website purpose is to promote…...