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A. Website address:
B. Description of the website:
This website is established by some coach in UK. In order to help people overcome the fear of water, there are a lot of information about swimming in this website which can be divided into two core parts. For the first part, it is the swimming theory. The readers, especially for the beginning, can refer to the “Swimmer Experiences”, “Swimming technique” and “Swimming advice”. Not only words, there are many pictures and videos to explain the theory so that the readers can clearly understand the complicated theory.
Apart from the theory, there is online shop for the swimming products. Except the swimming basis, there are some poolside products which can let the swimming process more convenient, like Goggle Case and lens cleans. These two products can protect the goggle. Moreover, there are training aids for the swimmers to improve their swimming skills while practise. For instance, the
Sphere Microfin Hp and Sphere Fitness Gloves can help the swimmer to feel the strength of hands and legs.
C. Name any information from the website that can help to improve your swimming skill.
These two parts of the website provide some basic reminder for the swimmers, as the writers of the blogs focus on some common problems that the swimmer will face. One of them is quite inspiring, it is about breathing. Unlike the traditional way of teaching beginner to swim which is
“blowing bubbles”. The website suggest people to learn breathing by singing. While singing, the lips can break the water surface and some air will be inhaled. The website also encourage swimmer to apply the Alexander Technique because most of the problems in swimming are balancing and breathing. If the swimmer can coordinate their head, neck and back very well, there will be less balancing and breathing problem. Alexander Technique can help swimmers to achieve this. As these two information are new to me, I believe that they can make me swim in a more smooth way.
D. Do you recommend this website to your friend? Why or why not?
Yes, because I think this website is useful for the swimmers in different levels. For the beginner, they can learn some basic techniques in an effective manner, on the other hand the advanced swimmers are able to get some professional advice.

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