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The Samsung Galaxy S4 Advance will be manufactured around the world in various regions. There are many components that are made in areas not easily accessible to most people. The hub of the phone will be based overseas in South Korea but will be receiving components from the United States and China as well as other countries around the world. The Galaxy S4 Advance will then be shipped complete to all major phone carriers and also all major electronic sellers such as Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Target and any other major stores selling electronics. When traveling or getting delivered it will be sent overseas on airlines and when on mainland be transported to store hubs throughout the world. The store hubs will then gather shipments of products needed to the retail stores. The phone will be securely packaged with other similar phones to help with transportation costs from sending excess amounts of shipments. The product will be inspected with precision to ensure that the product is in brand new shape and packaging may need replacement if the box the phone is sent in has damage marks that may pose a threat to the phone during transport to the retail dealers. The phones being prepackaged and in damage free boxes will help eliminate send backs of materials or claims from consumers or businesses that the new product may be damaged. When the phone is introduced the stores will ensure that the product is stocked because of the forecasted demands of the product from businesses and the consumers. Businesses are focused on the overhead costs such as shipments and returns because of freight and air costs throughout the world. Quality control will help businesses ensure the product is without damage and the customer receives what is getting purchased. The Galaxy S-4A is going to be used by individuals that already have the Galaxy S-4 or Samsung products. When new phones come out and are...

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