Week 1 Assignment 1

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University of Phoenix is a great place to receive great distance learning. In order to attend the University of Phoenix you need to make sure you have access to the internet. Once you find a computer that can log onto the internet you need to get online. Once you are online and logged into your Phoenix website, you will have a few things you get graded on from discussion questions, to assignments, to participation grade. In order to achieve your participation grade you need to go to the electronic forum are of your Phoenix website. This is your discussion area and it list different forums for you to choose from and participate in. When you are able to communicate with your teacher and fellow classmates that is asynchronous communication. It is important that you keep in constant contact with your classmates and teachers and to stay organized when doing it which is where the threaded discussions come in. Each new thread will list the subject of the thread so that everyone can group there same conversations together. In these threaded discussions is where us as classmates can offer feedback to one another and also receive feedback from our teachers.

Main Forum, chat room, individual forum
A message intended for your instructor concerning feedback you received on an assignment ( would go in individual forum)
A message responding to a classmates bio ( would go in chat room)
A message replying to a discussion question ( would go in main forum)
A message about a classmates hobby or outside interest (would go in chat room)
A message about clarifying assignment instructions (would go in main forum)…...