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3. The similarities in both Figures 1-3 and 1-4 is that they are both set in a circular motion and have the same sections (Planning, Analysis, Design, Implementation, and Maintenance). The difference is that Figure 1-3 is in a constant circle going through the different processes in an everlasting motion and Figure 1-4 is in a spiral motion until it ends which would represent the end of the project.
5. Figures 1-3 and 1-12 are similar as they are both takes on the SDLC. The difference is that Figure 1-3 has 5 sections that are in a circular motion. Figure 1-12 only has 4 sections and the process repeats on User Design and Construction. Having the repeats on only 2 different sections as opposed to all 5 sections would allow for a faster project completion.
6. Figure 1-9 has the same problems as the traditional waterfall SDLC as it is the traditional waterfall SDLC with the Design section split into 2 sections, it is still only moving downward and not able to revisit any of the previous sections. Converting Figure 1-9 into a circle would fix this problem as with Figure 1-3 it will allow for revisiting the different sections if there are issues with the project.
7. OOAD differs from traditional methods as it combines data and processes into a single entity called an object. Thus allowing for more reusability with the objects. RUP is not considered a cycle as it goes through its phases and is finished. If it would repeat some of the phases it could be considered a cycle. It is neither a good thing or a bad thing as if it is the process you choose to use, it make work best for your...

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