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Associate Level Material

Mineral Lab Worksheet

Assuming you have opened the simulation, this worksheet, and the Associate Program Material: Mineral Identification Worksheet, do the following:

1. Conduct all tests on the minerals in the virtual lab. Minerals are numbered 1-7. Keep track of which mineral you are working with as you record your observations.

2. Record your observations of each test in Part 1 of this worksheet. Refer to the job aids in the upper-right corner of the test screens to help you interpret what you observe.

3. Identify the minerals by comparing your observations with the Associate Program Material: Mineral Identification Worksheet. Write the name of each mineral in Part 2 of this worksheet.

The minerals are numbered to conceal their identities, but they will include seven from the following list. To help you identify them, refer to the Mineral Identification Job Aid.

• Borax • Calcite • Corundum • Graphite • Gypsum • Orthoclase feldspar • Pyrite • Quartz • Talc • Topaz

4. Identify two evolutionary processes of Earth, and explain them in Part 3 of this worksheet.

5. Post this worksheet as an attachment to your Assignments link. Delete the introductory instructions in this worksheet before you submit it to your instructor.

Part 1: Recording Observations

In the following chart, record your observations of each test for the seven minerals. After you have completed all tests, name the minerals in Part 2 of this worksheet. An example of how to fill out the chart is illustrated follows.

|Recorded Observations for Minerals 1-7 |
|Tests |Example |Mineral 1 |
|Example: Fluorite |80% certain |I am almost certain this mineral is fluorite, but I am not completely sure. Fluorite and gypsum|
| | |are both white, shiny, have white streaks, cleave, and show no reaction to acid. However, the |
| | |specific gravity of this mineral is 3.18, which is higher than gypsum, so I am pretty sure it |
| | |is fluorite. |
|Mineral 1: Pyrite |80% sure |I called the color as green (chart says gold), chart says “has shiny specs”, I said pearl, |
| | |everything falls into place with chart. |
|Mineral 2: Talc | 100% sure |Everything matches all the way across the board. |
|Mineral 3: Calcite |100% sure |Everything matches across the board. |
|Mineral 4: Orthoclase Feldspar |90% sure |All aspects match, with the exception of luster, I said pearl, chart says dull. |
|Mineral 5: Quartz |99% sure |Everything matches, however the chart says “has shiny specks” (for luster), I said pearl. |
|Mineral 6: Gypsum |99% sure |There are only two discrepancies. #1 luster (on chart) says “shiny”, I posted pearl and #2 |
| | |hardness reads 1 -2 on chart, my calculation was 3 – 6.0 |
|Mineral 7: Lava Rock |50% sure I am wrong |There is not really anything that matches up. To me, the stone resembles a Lava Rock. But since|
| | |it is not on the chart, I wasn’t sure how to handle this one. |

Part 3: Evolutionary Processes
In the following table, identify two evolutionary processes of Earth. Include a 100- to 200-word explanation of each process.

|Evolutionary Process |Description |
|Darwin’s Theory of Evolution |According to “Darwin’s theory of evolution was: millions of species of organisms have evolved over billions |
| |of years”, also “over time individuals evolve into a species entirely different from it’s ancestors (e.g. birds from |
| |reptiles, whales from bears, humans from apes”. As children we are taught man evolved from apes (primates), and through |
| |evolution, mankind has evolved to be the supreme creature we see today. |
| |However, having been raised in a Christian home environment; we were taught that God created the Heavens and Earth (as |
| |stated in the first book of the Bible, Genesis), along with all the plant, human and every other kind of species. So, the |
| |question is: if our God created all the wonderful things that we experience, then who created God? |
|Big Bang Theory |In the evolution of the Planets; 4.6 billion years ago the Earth was born. Having spun off from masses of gasses and other |
| |chemicals. Speculation has it, there was not much available oxygen; however other gasses, nitrogen and other vapors from |
| |water, carbon dioxide were extremely hot and they mixed. Over millions of years the Earth, as we know it today has been |
| |shaped by the expansion of the Earth itself. Water, wind, climate changes and the invasion of humans make up the basic |
| |reasons for the Earth being as it is, the shape of the Earth, its inhabitants, and also the plant and animal life, that we |
| |see today. |
| |If we look at the Earth with out water, one can easily see how the Earth resembles a puzzle; most land masses fitting |
| |together. Some believe that the Earth was once a solid mass, science has proven that the core and inner Earth has Magna, |
| |very hot (the stuff molten lava is made from), and liken it to a pressure cooker: the inner Earth heated up and expanded, |
| |then from that expansion the gaps were filled with water. Hence, the Earth as we are familiar with today. Others say a major|
| |meteor crashed into the Earth and destroyed everything dinosaurs, plants, etc.) Then we had to start all over again. |

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