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Welcome to Week 1!
College is all about change, and this course is designed to help you adapt to the new learning environment, new challenges, and even the new way of attending college in an Internet environment. You will begin this week by looking into what essential qualities are necessary for success at college and in your career. You will then begin working on developing these qualities by completing the assignments for the week.
For those of you who think you have all the skills that this class might help you develop, challenge yourself to think more deeply about the topics. Go beyond what you've learned in the textbook and what you are asked to do for the assignments. Reflect deeply on what has worked well for you in your career or your life. What are your stumbling blocks? Focus on using the deeper levels of thinking from Bloom's taxonomy in your responses on all assignments, discussion posts, and so on. You will get out of your education what you put into it.
Have questions? Please post them in the Q & A Forum in the Discussion area. For faster response times, feel free to call or e-mail me.
Ready? Let's get started! Click on the Week 1 Objectives tab to left to see what learning we will achieve this week.
Marketing, Strategies, and Research
What is Marketing? | What is Market Management? | Discovering Consumer Wants and Needs | The Marketing Orientation and the Marketing Concept | The Four Ps | Market Research | Marketing Plan Tip | | What is Marketing? | | Real-Life Application ... | Many equate marketing with advertising. That's not unusual. The concept of "make a product and pitch it on TV" is what marketing is to many Americans.As you will learn in Week 1, marketing is much more than advertising on TV. As a matter of fact, TV advertising – despite the billions spent annually...

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