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1. State the administrative agency that controls the regulation. Explain why this agency and your proposed regulation interest you (briefly). Will this proposed regulation affect you, or the business in which you are working? If so, how? Submit a copy of the proposed regulation along with your responses to these five questions. The proposed regulation can be submitted as either a separate Word document (.doc) or Adobe file (.pdf). This means you will submit two attachments to the Week 2 Dropbox: (a) a Word document with the questions and your answers, and (b) a copy of the proposed regulation you used for this assignment. (10 points)
The administrative agency that controls the specific regulation that I select is, “Office of the Secretary,
Department of Defense (DoD).” Regulation: Child Development Programs (CDPs) ACTION: Interim final rule.

This agency and the proposed regulation interest me because of my time spent in the military. While serving my country for I had seen many different changes take place due to new regulations imposed to the military by the DOD. In this case, the regulation is one that would have affected me if I was still in. CDP’s are of critical importance to the men and women that serve our country. Knowing that are government is attempting to increase the current level of assistance is gives CDP’s would be a big win for the government and the children and parents that will be impacted. 2. Describe the proposal/change. (10 points)
The proposed change is an Interim final rule to the current Child Development Programs. This interim final rule updates policy, responsibilities, and procedures for providing care to minor children birth through age 12 years of individuals who are eligible for care in DoD CDPs to include center-based care, family child care (FCC), school-age care (SAC), supplemental child care, and community based care;...

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