Week 2 Checkpoint

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Week 2 Checkpoint/Organizational Data and Information
Daniel Barr
July 6, 2012
Shawn Rieder

Week 2 Checkpoint/Organizational Data and Information
Based on the information located on the BIRT Sample Database website, the software allows the user the ability to track many aspects of the defined business. It includes eight different tables. Offices, employees, customers, orders, order details, payments, products, and product lines. By using this software program the user can generate reports based on the data entered. The website also includes an ER-diagram which shows the different departments or types of data and how they are tied to other departments. The software allows for data to be entered by multiple sources, such as different stores and incorporates that data and combines that information to give the company a better picture of the entire company.
Of course, information generated by data entry is only as good as the data entered. It is critical that companies train employees to correctly enter data into the system. Incorrect data entered into the system will generate reports that will not be accurate. There are several options available for companies. One option would be to purchase software for data management. Another option which is steadily growing is hiring a firm to store your data as well as manage the data as well.

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