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Week 2 Film Assignment

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Week 2 Assignment
Movie - Zoolander (2001)

In this paper , I will discuss the elements of design. I will talk about and give a full break down of the process of envisioning and designing a film, which includes the key players of what it takes to design a film. My film of choice I will talk about and give examples for is Zoolander (2001).

Film Production

Director- Ben Stiller
Production Designer- Robin Standefer
Art Director- Stephen Alesch

A film director is the person who directs the making of a film. In some cases the film director can control the artistic and dramatic aspects of the film . They also visualize the script while depending on the cast and crew to help bring his/her vision to life. The director plays a major part in choosing the cast and crew. Once the director comes up with the vision of the film they make the necessary movements to get things started and begin shooting, once shooting starts they have deadlines to meet. In the movie Zoolander (2001) Ben Stiller was the film director.

A production designer (PD) is the person responsible for the overall look of a filmed event. They are the major head of the the entire art department. They control things such as films, tv programs, video games, music videos, and or advertisements. The production designer will collaborate with the director and director of photography to get a visual feel of the specific needs for the project. The production designer for the Zoolander (2001) film was Robin Standefer.

An Art Director (AD) has sole charge to supervise and unify the vision. The AD takes control of the overall appearance and how it communicates visually, stimulates moods,contrasts features, and appeal to a target audience . The AD makes decisions about visual elements used, what style to use and when to use motion.

Bullet 2- Lighting

In the movie Zoolander, and from the clip I choose which was " Walk Off" . The lighting in this scene was a high key light design where it's very bright lights over everything with a few shadows that have low contrast between the light and dark parts of the scene. Because this is a comedy movie this is usually the lighting that is used for comedy movies. In this certain scene it takes place in a warehouse and the mood is the extras in the scene are excited and filled with joy and they are cheering for who they want to win the model walk off.

Bullet 3- Setting

Setting- An old warehouse
Time Period- Sundown
Location- The location for the film overall was in 5 different places Ogdens, NJ, Los Angeles, LA, New York, NY( meat packing district) , New York,NY and Yonkers,NY all in the USA country.
Culture- Pop culture

Bullet 4

Costuming can tell us a great deal about the time and place in which the film is set. The costumes gives us information on the character as an individual.

Bullet 5

Hair/Makeup can help tell the story and offer important visual clues about the character whether they are actors, spokesperson or an interview subject.

Bullet 6 Mise en scene , it's interpreted and intensified by the cinematographer . The one key element is the lighting which is designed by cinematographer . Other elements include actors, props, background , and placing of actors. Effective framing is one of the cinematographer's most important tasks. Framing is when the camera is aimed a certain way so the only specific portion of the scene will appear within the frame on the screen.

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