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Week 3 Assighnment

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ME1115: WEEK 3 ASSIGNMENT “Try Something New For 30 Days”
· What structure would you this speech follows?_- The speech given by Matt Cutts uses tell/sell structure. He used an effective opening, told the audience why he was speaking, stated his main points clearly, keep the audience interested and had an effective closing.
· What are the main points addressed during the speech?- The main points addressed during the speech were trying something new for 30 days. Whether it was adding or subtracting from your everyday life. Start will small change which is most likely to stick.
· How does he engage the audience to make sure he has their attention? - I think he uses his humor and pictures to engage the audience to make sure he had their attention. When speaking on a subject, he showed pictures to visualize his points and humor to keep you interested.
· How does Mat Cutts’ tone and body language impact your listening/perception/reception of the words being spoken? His exspressions and enthusiasm. His tone was very natural and interesting with variety in pitch. He keep me interested and wanted to know what he was going to do or say next.
· Do you think this speech was practiced what words and tones made you decide on your answer?- The speech was well organized and when talking he used effective ways to practice a speech such as moving around, he had no notes, grab the audience attention. He was well prepared as if practiced and worked towards this speech.
· What gestures were used during the speech? Were they effective or did they detract from the speaker? During the speech he used hand and arm gestures, which was very effective. It also managed to keep my attention and sometimes that’s hard to do. It was as if he was speaking to one person rather than a group. He was being his self his actions were very...

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