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Efficiency and Collaboration Proposal
James M. McCarver, Jill Brogan, Judy Vilayphone, Lashunda Wallace, Laura Silberman, Mem Sanders
BIS 220
May 13, 2013
Lars Vesterberg

Efficiency and Collaboration Proposal

The purpose of this proposal is to show you the potential implementation of new information systems at Party Plates. We are excited to introduce all the new changes taking place. The sales department is currently using Microsoft Excel but after looking around for something that would suit our needs better we found Microsoft Access. As technology and our business grow we are always looking for ways to improve. We will tell you how switching over to Access will benefit the company. We will also include suggestions for future use of collaborative software and how it can help the sales department improve communications. Stated below are the changes being made.

Microsoft Access is a program that is used to store large data. Microsoft Access is very beneficial in the work environment, because of the different features that it offers, and it is easy to learn. The program is user friendly which incorporates other features offered through Microsoft Office. Without sacrificing performance, large amounts of data can be stored into the database. It is very easy to store available information into the database. If your office environment is large , Access may be programmed to retrieve information from the enterprise software.

This short document will illustrate the benefits of moving personnel data for Party Plates from Microsoft ® Excel into Microsoft ® Access. Though there are many more reasons to utilize Access or other similar relational database software, we will focus on the personnel data management in particular.

The data collected on personnel can be tracked in Excel but, in order to easily compare that data against other…...