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Week 3 Dq 1 and Dq 2

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Week 3 DQ 1: In my attempt to search for academic honest in higher learning using search engines, little was found. When I first said searching, I decided to use and as my search engines. I decided to look for academic honesty in higher learning (in its entirety). I had more luck with my findings when I used than when I used I picked a few websites that sounded like they'd be useful when writing a paper on the topic. The first two that I chose to visit were and literally gave a one sentence definition of what is believed to be academic dishonesty. gave a short and simple description on academic dishonesty in online courses and provided a few links to articles about academic dishonesty. Those articles gave very little information on plagiarism and other terms defining academic dishonesty. One of the articles only informed a person about using correct citations in a paper and it was only six to eight sentences long. As with, provided many links to many different colleges and academic institutions. I'm looking for academic integrity, not links to colleges, or links to different colleges' guidelines on their ideas on academic integrity (although they could somewhat prove to be useful). One thing that I was hoping for were statistics (real case studies) on academic dishonesty in higher learning. I did a search using for statistics on academic dishonesty. A lot of data was found, but it's accuracy is undetermined for most of the websites provided. Within a library or an academic online library, I know that the information provided is going to be from professionals and individuals who are evaluated by their peers in the same profession. I will be able to find published articles, papers, and books with guaranteed…...

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