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Week - 3 Steps to Writing a Grant Proposal

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Week – 2 Steps to Writing a Grant Proposal
Paula Boyd
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Program Plan : Grant writing goes hand in hand with program planning. (Yuen & Terao, 2003). This concept consist of having goals, objectives, activities, and evaluation. (Yuen & Terao, 2003). The grant proposal must speak volume and the dispute has to give reason for the need, the importance of, and purpose of the plan that is to be submitted. (Yuen & Terao, 2003). If there is not a plan, it is virtually impossible for this agency to have a favorable grant proposal. (Yuen & Terao, 2003). Grant proposals are set to have logic when thinking and have some enthusiasm when it comes to the objective. (Yuen & Terao, 2003). According to Yuen & Terao, (2003), stated that a program planning process involves the development and use of activities, such as setting up goals, objectives, activities, and evaluation. Many are familiar with the usage of terms such as what, why, and how in making plans. (Yuen & Terao, 2003). The purpose of PEACE Domestic Violence Agency mission is to reduce victim trauma, empower survivors, and promote recovery through direct services. (Yuen & Terao, 2003). According to Yuen & Terao, (2003), stated that PEACE is committed to reducing the incidence of sexual assault and domestic violence through education and strives to challenge societal norms and beliefs that condone and perpetuate violence in the community. The community that our target population is in, is the city of Portland which is similar to many other communities that are in our country. (Yuen & Terao, 2003). This is a large metropolitan city, and the region has experienced increasing reports of domestic and youth

violence, spousal and child abuse, assault, and incidents of road rage over the past 5 years. (Yuen & Terao,...

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