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Week 4 Assignment 2

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Assignment 2: Scope and Time Management
By: Joshua Roberts
CIS 517: IT Project Management
Dr. Reddy Urimindi
February 2, 2014

Scope and Time Management
Summarize how this activity improves the chances of your future IT project being a success.
Given that the IT project in scope, i.e. installation of 10 wireless access points in the company is a complex undertaking that would impact a lot of stakeholders and also incur a lot of company resources, it is very essential that it is done in an effective and efficient manner. Also, given that the scope of this project spans across different departments, and would go on for about three months, there needs to be very high degree of coordinated efforts, aided by regular and effective communication that would ensure that the project is a success (Project Management Certification, n.d). The creation of a WBS allows the company both these points above, by bringing in structure to project planning and execution and providing very good visibility on what is to be performed and achieved in order to execute the project effectively. This essentially translates into the project teams and sponsors having a good view on the schedule estimates, and also to effectively manage the schedule to ensure that the project gets completed on time. The activity of creating a project plans ensures that the project team has given enough though to all the key areas, and is well prepared to execute the project, thus enabling complex tasks to be broken down and managed in an effective manner (Koolbreeze, A., n.d.). From a communication perspective as well, the work breakdown structure looks at the various tasks that are being performed by different stakeholders and organizes the required communication, and also coordinates connected tasks that would ensure proper organization and increase productivity of resources.


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