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Career Development Plan Part III

Career Management Plan & Performance Appraisal Form


December 7, 2010

Career Development Plan Part III—Performance and Career Management




Welcome to the InterClean, Inc. Sales Team! This packet will cover several items to ensure your success with the company. In the last year InterClean, Inc. acquired EnviroTech, Inc. With this acquisition, InterClean, Inc. has taken a giant step in achieving domestic market dominance in the sanitation industry. The Leadership Team consists of:

David Spencer, President and CEO

Sally Lindley, CEO of EnviroTech, Inc. Division

Janet Durham, Vice President of Human Resources

Tom Jennings, Vice President of Marketing

Sam Waters, Chief of Compliance

InterClean, Inc. is committed to providing employees with every opportunity for a successful career and continued development. Communication is at the core of career success and development.

Communication begins at the New Sales Employee Orientation. Orientation items:

• Background and history of InterClean, Inc. • Open Door Communication Commitment – feedback to the Team and from the Team is essential. • Successful Sales Technics - Examples modeled from sales team. Presentations have developed by current sales team. • Pairing with tenured sales team member for 90 day mentorship with job shadowing. • Review of Sales Goals and Objectives described in attached Performance Appraisal.

o Development and delivery of full service/solution options to new and existing customers o Submission of Customer Satisfaction Survey’s to new and existing customers o Return of Customer Satisfaction Survey’s o Make daily calls to potential new

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Job Analysis sales personnel that will be required to develop a full range of service packages that will be tailored to individual accounts. New sales personnel are going to be trained to interact with healthcare professionals, facility managers and operation managers of the perspective clients. This new sales initiative will be put into place within the next 90 to 180 days when InterClean, Inc. will begin a new marketing scheme. Analysis Methods In order to choose the right candidates for the positions that InterClean, Inc. is in need of there must be, in place, a number of methods in order to analyze the potential hires. It is suggested that the methods used be that of strict interview process whereas the persons being interviewed go through a 4 step process of interviewing with the first being the new department head, then on to the head of operation, the Vice-President of sales and finally based on recommendation to the human resource department to make offers and finalize any employment requirements. (Cascio, 2005). During the interview process the potential new hires will be required to complete a checklist of standardized questions relevant to the job description. This checklist is to be provided by the new department supervisor and will include questions directed at past job performances and how they met the goals set for them by their previous employers. A pre-employment questionnaire will be provided to the potential new hires...

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