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Exercise 14-2 Problems 1 - 8

1. Biased Question – Will you vote for John Doe or Bill Jones for class president?

2. Biased Question – Would you buy an ABC car?

3. Confusing Words – Should banks charge their customers a bank a fee to balance
their checkbooks?
4. Double-Negative- Do you think students who missed Friday’s class should take the
5. Answer may be overstated, or suited to what the person thinks the interviewer wants
to hear. Rephrase like: Have you studied for this examination?
6. Open-ended question- There are too many possible answers and that could

result in difficult summarization. A closed-ended question might work better in this

instance. Rephrase like: Do you prefer an artificial sweetener?

7. Confusing Words - If a plane crashes on the border of New York and New Jersey,
where would you burry the casualties?
8. Double Barreled Question – Would you be in favor of imposing a tax on tobacco to
pay for health care related diseases?

6.1 What is the difference between the probability distribution of a discrete

random variable and that of a continuous random variable? Explain.

A continuous random variable is achieved from information that can be measured
instead of counted. A continuous random variable is a variable that can assume an infinite
amount of possible values. The probability distribution of a discrete random variable
included values that a random variable can assume and the corresponding
probabilities of the values. The probability distribution of a continuous random variable has

two characteristics:

1. The probability that x assumes a value in any interval lies in the range 0 to 1.

2. The probability of all the (mutually exclusive) intervals within which x can assume a

value is 1.

A continuous probability distribution differs from a discrete…...