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Week 7 Human Digestion Sc241

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Human Digestion Summary

Describe digestion in the mouth
Digestion of food in the mouth start the process from the time the food touches your lips down to your stomach. When you have food in your plate and ready to eat, first thing that happens you see the food, then you can smell the food depend of what kind of food it is. Then you put the food in your mouth your saliva glands begin the digestive process as it moistened by saliva, the tongue helps mixed the food with saliva and ids in chewing by moving the food between teeth and masticated by the teeth, then the food transform into a bolus which is a mass of food that has been chewed at the point of swallowing.
Once the bolus leaves your mouth, the food moves into the pharynx so it could be swallowed, then the bolus moves into the esophagus, which connects to the stomach.

Describe digestion in the stomach
Digestion in the stomach start after the bolus passes the esophagus and reaches the stomach where the bolus mixed with acid secretions that transform the bolus into a semiliquid food mass that is call chime.
Depend on the size of the food you ate or the kind of food you ate your stomach digest the chime in two to six hours.

Describe digestion in the small intestine
In the small intestine is where the majority of digestion and absorption of nutrients from food happens and it is divided in three parts, known as the duodenum, the jejunum and the ileum.
Secretion of bile from the liver and gallbladder help with the digestion and absorption of fat. The rest of the undigested chyme not absorded by the small intestine then enter the large intestine through a sphincter.

Describe digestion in the large intestine
After the food past the small intestine and reach the large intestine it goes through the colon and rectum where additional absorption of water...

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