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Week 9 It236 Web Site Analysis

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Web Site Analysis
May 27, 2012
IT/236 Web Design

When it comes to building a web site, a designer needs to think about many different things before they can begin to build the web site. Audience being number one, navigation, and overall look are three key things a designer should focus on when designing a site. After researching the Market Watch (Market Watch, 2012) web site there are many things I would recommend for change to this site, regarding the three key points. So much work needs to go into the design phase of a site, when you just put things on a site you will get something like what is seen on Market Watch’s site. When I began to look over this website, I did start to think about the stock broker and how busy and fast-paced their lives are and began to associate this page with them. However, the designers also have to think about the novice stock brokers and personal finance users as well who may not be able to grasp this type of page. Having so much information for the audience to view is a little overwhelming, it needs to be divided up or spaced out a little differently. Many people in the world today try to manage their own finances and read the stock market themselves; going to the internet for help is where they begin. If users cannot accurately and easily read a site, they will look elsewhere for the information. Navigation on a web site should be simple and clear. If you enter a web site and it is unclear about where you are supposed to go then you will want to look elsewhere to get the information you are seeking. On Market Watch’s web site the navigation is cluttered among all of the other information. For a first time user it makes it difficult to see where you need to go. My recommendation for navigation is to remove the navigation from the clutter horizontally, and make it a side menu as there is clearly room because it is left...

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