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Business Analysis
Business Analysis
In this paper, an overall business analysis of Apple Inc. will discuss the company’s financial statements, the company’s financial health and how it compare to other companies in the industry and globalization and how it has affected the company’s business strategies. Lastly, a benchmarking analysis will be conducted in the following comparison with other companies in the same industry.
Apple Inc. has the talents of Steven Jobs along with other top idealists. Having such talent clearly gives Apple the advantage over other competitors in this industry. The collaborative efforts of the leaders give Apple Inc. a clear strategic advantage. Apple main goal is to stay on top of its competition. In order to accomplish this goal, the employees have to spend long hours determining what the consumer’s want and how to design their products based on that outcome. A good example would be the development of the iPhone. The iPhone was derived from a display of information of the iPod. This included a bigger touch screen that helped in the development of the smart phone. This vision didn’t stop there; Jobs began to think in the future toward concepts of applications for the smart phone. Once it was realized that the iPhone was a personal computer, three years later Apple Inc. introduce the iPhone and its application system.
According to (Bajarin, 2011) Apple raises the bar with every new generation of the iPhone. Apple’s new version of the iPad has stood out due to the attention to detail in the design, the applications, and the quality of service that it brings into the mainstream. The strategic advantage that Apple has over others is their available of cash in the bank. Instead of giving back to the shareholders, they use it for competitive issues such as pre-buying items in bulk at a huge discounts. Apple has a good strategic marketing…...

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